Five couples from the Living Stones class plus one couple who are "prospects" camped at Chalk Creek Campground, south of Buena Vista. Ross and Helen stayed at a B&B and joined us for some meals and activities. It was a chilly weekend, but Saturday was decent and Sunday was really nice. Monday, the day we left of course, looked to be the best day of all. We had a great time sharing meals, fellowshipping, shopping, and site seeing.

acampsitenexttothecreek_small.jpg theentrancetoourcampingarea_small.jpg campgroundviewedfromthehill_small.jpg apractisefish_small.jpg
tempjustbeforedinner_small.jpg lightingthetableheaterfordinner_small.jpg fridaydinner_small.jpg morefridaydinner_small.jpg
theobligatorycampfire_small.jpg thegirlsaregettingreadytoshop_small.jpg mtprinceton_small.jpg warmdaybringsoutthesunbathers_small.jpg
bbinstelmo_small.jpg stelmohaslotsofhummingbirds_small.jpg morehummingbirds_small.jpg anewbbinstelmo_small.jpg
waitingforthefacilities_small.jpg davesondraandboomer_small.jpg alanandsusan_small.jpg susanposingbycascadefalls_small.jpg
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